About VIO Company

VIO Company is one of the companies specializing in solutions for selling online by website through advertising campaigns. To get optimal websites, we set up a team of  professional web design using the most modern web design technology today. We can help businesses plan online strategy in parallel with offline to make the most of both channels.


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    Company Overview


    đội ngũ công ty vio

    VIO company overview:
    Company name on business license: VIO Ltd.
    English name: VIO CO.,LTD
    MST: 0314611649 issue date September 6, 2017 at HCMC Department of Planning and Investment
    Export address menu: 125/12/4 Quarter 1, An Phu Dong Street, An Phu Dong Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

    Meaning of company name:

    VIO – Vietnam Internet Orientation – Vietnam Internet Orientation: guide for Vietnamese businesses to successfully do business on the Internet platform.
    Slogan: Bringing the future to you – Bringing the future closer to you : Bringing a different and fresh look and platform experience 4.0 technology business for businesses that have not been and have updated new business trends. ⇒ Business Trends 4.0.

    Logo meaning: 

    1. V is the first letter of VIO
    2. The blade image shows the marketing acumen. Since then, we have creative and innovative ideas every day.
    3. The arrow pointing to the center shows we have to know where the focus point is. for effective strategy implementation. Show that we will be the one to solve the customer’s central problem, which is sales and brand.
    4. The orange and red tones represent the industry’s hot and acumen.