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Professional Website Administration Protect Website

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What is Website Administration? What jobs are included and should I hire a website management unit? are always the doubts of business owners and website owners.

In this article VIO web will present to you the reasons why to hire a web manager.

Thuê quản trị viên website chuyên nghiệp
Thuê quản trị viên website chuyên nghiệp

What is Webmaster?

Website Administration is a stage of website management after the website has been designed. Web management will ensure website operation, maintenance and website development.

If the company has personnel, the website designer will be in charge of website management. If the company does not have personnel, it needs to outsource to ensure that the website is secure to operate and develop well.

Why website management

There are 2 main reasons you need to manage your website which are:

  • Developing a website: when you finish web design, it does not mean that the web will have customers and appear on the top of Google. About 10 years ago, the market was not competitive, almost anyone with a website was able to appear on the top of Google and have customers right away, but now there are thousands of websites in each field, so the market is extremely competitive. If you want to appear on Google, then: 1 is to spend money 2 is to build an attractive website to be able to reach many customers.
  • Website security: in the Internet market, there are always hidden serious risks that cannot be controlled without technical expertise. One fine day when you visit the website, the website is lost or the web page appears. 404, 503 error or switch to another foreign language website. That means your website has been hacked by hackers. Learn more here
  • In this case, we need to backup the website if you have saved it before. If you do not have a backup, your website is considered broken and must be redesigned. However, experienced webmaster techniques will handle the same problems.

Website administration jobs – what and how to do.

Web development planning

  • Plan for web development from image to content.
  • Plan to optimize and secure your website.
  • Plan to promote the website outside.

Backup website data

  • Backup website data 4 times/month
  • Backup data when required

Fix website risks

  • Implement security right after receiving the project
  • Fix website errors when something goes wrong

Developing content for the website

  • Plan industry keywords
  • Developing content and images for the website
  • Monthly website development results measurement report
  • Increase user and customer traffic for the website

Work report

  • Report on website optimization
  • Report on website security work
  • Reporting of content development work
  • Website speed and growth report

Hire an external website administrator or hire a website administrator

VIO web is a specialized provider provide Digital Marketing services< /a>. We will undertake the tasks of website administration, website operation, website security so that the website can develop the best. Whatever your website is, wordpress, php, joomla, .net, java we can manage well and effectively.

Benefits of outsourcing website administration at VIO web

  • When cooperating with VIO, businesses or individuals will feel secure because we always have KPIs committed to implementation.
  • Avoid doing unnecessary work for the website.
  • Especially when cooperating with VIO web, customers feel more secure about personnel management and supervision.

Hire a professional webmaster right away from VIO web by filling out the registration form or immediately contacting the call center:

Hotline: 028 66,529,707< /p>