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What is Content Marketing? – Content Marketing Trends 2022

Content Marketing what is? When your business wants to promote its brand image on the internet such as facebook, google, zalo… the content is communicated to customers. But now Content Marketing is a very hot term in the 4.0 technology era. However, the term is being “underused” or under definition.

Cách viết content marketing hay

So what is Content Marketing? What are the benefits of content writing in business? Let’s find out through the article below!

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing are phrases that people often refer to recently as Writing content marketing, what does Content marketing need? types of content marketing…so content marketing is marketing content based on business products to create valuable textual content to attract customers for the purpose of promoting brand image as well. like bringing high profits to your business.

In addition, it also helps readers improve their knowledge in life by sharing relevant information in areas of social life such as : 

    • Entertainment
    • Education
    • With multi-dimensional views on material life, or a certain social issue

Your business is advertising its products or services like before, now you just need to provide useful and attractive content to readers at that time. you will attract a lot of potential customers from composing content.

Therefore, Content marketing today is considered by businesses as one of the most effective online marketing methods that have never been outdated.

So now you know what writing content and content in marketing is, right?

Not only are there features on content marketing, there are also many benefits of content marketing in businesses, let’s discover it now!

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Benefits of Content in Business Marketing

For business businesses or SEO translation companies, Content marketing is very important to them, specifically as follows :

Provide information to customers

This is a very obvious fact, isn’t it? The business you want to create content for the website that you certainly want to share certain information to give customers information about social issues, the field of health, the field of education .. .This is also the fastest way for google to evaluate your website is to remember Content marketing.

In case your business wants to improve your business rankings on google through customer searches, you need to post many useful content articles.

Xu hướng content marketing

Increase website traffic

What benefits does Content marketing give you? One of the most important benefits that writing content brings to your business is to increase the number of searchers coming to your website through search engines such as Google, Coc Coc, etc. If search engines love your content, your content should be regularly updated. Conversely, if you want users to find your website more, your content must touch the “pain” of users.

Have you ever thought about how many pages on your website accurately introduce products or services or just very few or equivalent blog pages?

Example: As usual on my website, there are 3 pages describing exactly the services of Vio Company.

  • Website Design
  • National Seo Service
  • Marketing Advisor

However, search engines all focus on optimizing the user experience, which means that your website must provide useful and relevant information. products and services of your business in the most unique and attractive way to customers.

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The most popular types of content marketing today

No matter what marketing tactics your business is using, content marketing is an integral part of your marketing solution.

So you basically understand a quality content is part of all forms of marketing that businesses want to achieve.

There are 6 types of content on the market today that are being used by a lot of Digital Marketing, specifically as follows : 

Blog Marketing 

What is blog definition? As a form of diary on your website it refers to an article about a specific field. Blogs are most popular today in the business and social world today because it allows users to access. information is completely free.

The top strategy for Content Marketing is blog posts. In addition, blogging also brings positive benefits in Content Marketing specifically as follows:

  •  Blog for SEO field helps to optimize search engines, the rate of google index page increases significantly about 435%.
  • Bring in business about 125% of leads from blog
Blog Chiến lược markting hiệu quả
Blog Chiến lược markting hiệu quả

Usually, blog articles often have concise content and thoroughly solve problems in the field while these 3 forms present a simple way. more detailed information as well as customer classification.

So these 3 forms have a common feature that the content is intuitive and attracts users.

Ebook Marketing 

What is an ebook in content marketing? It is also known as an e-book, containing a large amount of information shared with many aspects in ordinary society, it is often encapsulated in a PDF file

In addition to using ebooks in a Content Marketing strategy, it brings a lot of benefits to businesses as follows:

  • Create credibility for businesses as well as brand recognition more easily for users.< /span>
  • Make a profit from ebook sales
  • In addition, it also helps businesses save a lot of costs from printing and shipping such as: books , magazine…

Video Marketing 

A few years back video marketing is one of the most effective online marketing channels in the content marketing strategy as well as promoting the brand image of your business in the best way, specifically : 

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase email open rate
  • SEO Optimization
VideoContent Marketing
Video Content Marketing

However, video marketing is currently divided into many types that are used most by businesses today: : 

  • Video about business products : Brief basic information of business products/services, website.
  • Reality TV commercial video : this is a form of video that is continuously displayed on the screen.
  • Video Website introducing business services on website
  • Business video : sharing member information that contributes to the creation of businesses and organizations


Infographic is one of the effective channels to communicate information to customers through a number of images, icons, figures… However, this is one of the images. Marketing method is very popular in the world today, but in Vietnam market, businesses often choose this form as online marketing for marketing.

Infographic Content Marketing
Infographic Content Marketing

Email marketing 

A type of e-commerce marketing that reaches a group of people through their customers’ email addresses.

Of all the marketing forms mentioned above, email marketing is one of the only forms where users actively receive requests from businesses. When using email marketing, you will have many advantages for your business, specifically :

  • Reach more potential customers
  • Low cost to use, professional setup staff
  • Information about products and services to customers proactively
Email content marketing
Email content marketing

What’s the difference between Content Marketing and normal content?

What’s the difference between content marketing and normal content? To find the difference, you should read the definition of content marketing again to find common ground as the “valuable and relevant” parts you will eliminate them. Therefore, this is the difference between content marketing aka content marketing or it’s junk news that business companies are trying to sell you something.

To make a valuable content marketing in today’s 4.0 technology era is one of the factors that help bring solutions and useful values ​​to users. use and business.

Moreover, this is the key point to make the difference between content marketing and regular content.

  • Content Marketing is about delivering solutions to consumers.
  • Content normally refers to the awesomeness of your business’ products or services.

What is the job of a Content Marketing Officer?

Content Marketing in this modern day is an indispensable form of marketing for businesses today to reach many customers potential as well as building a closer relationship between customers and businesses.

As a content worker, there are many important jobs specifically as follows:

  • As a content officer, you need to ensure that customers visit your website as well as the Engagement of potential customers is ultimately to generate sales for the business.
  • Content staff need to have a logical mind of a content publisher to attract users Read to optimize from readers interested in buying.
  • A content worker requires understanding some basic SEO concepts, knowing how to analyze content to evaluate pricing and developing content in a way that is relevant to the product and reflects the customer’s brand.
công việc của nhân viên content
công việc của một nhân viên content
  • As a content employee, you need to know how to coordinate with other departments to come up with appropriate marketing strategies for business.
  • Understanding social media channels like email marketing, blogs, videos…to understand the activities well Activate important social media channels.
  • Know how to integrate content with your brand for the purpose of promoting your brand image quickly to customers.


Hopefully through this information your business has got the most accurate answer about What is Content Marketing? What are the benefits of content marketing? As well as grasping the popular types of content today to offer effective marketing solutions for businesses. If you find this article good, please share it for everyone!

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