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What is SERP Feature? Popular features of SERP Feature

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SERP Feature is a term quite familiar to marketers, especially SEO. However, there are still many people who are confused and do not understand the details of SERP. So what is SERP Feature? What are the popular features of SERP Feature. Let’s VIO dive into the article to get the answer about what is the SERP feature now it!

What is the SERP feature?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, simply understood as the results page returned, when users search by engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google. SERP not only helps Website have high rankings on the table, but also helps Google provide extremely useful information to users, in the fastest way and right to their needs.

SERP Features are special results made to bring information to the user. SERP is one of the most important factors in the process of doing SEO. When searching, the returned results will have two forms as follows:

  • Organic SERP Listings: This is understood as a natural search result, which includes results based on the Search algorithm. Engine.
  • Paid SERP Listings: this is a paid search result, the results are paid and displayed by paying the company search engine to display in high positions, making it easier to reach users.

serp tin tức

SERP Features

Features Snippets – Featured Snippets

This feature will return concise answers to only a specific problem. Users will not need to click to see one of the many different results and still get information quickly and accurately.

SERP – Local Pack

This feature will display based on the subject of the query, the local location of the person searching. With the above results in the Local Park feature, you will see there are Google maps and 3 most suitable locations. Another part, if you take a closer look, you will see that the place is related to the restaurant, the service also often appears in the form, this feature.

SERP – Reviews

This is a user review for businesses they have experienced. Rating scale from 1 to 5 stars. The higher the star rating, the more reputable the business. As well as the higher the chance of showing under the domain name of the results.

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SERP – Sitelinks 

The Sitelinks feature will appear just below the Meta Description section of the search results. This feature will link to the relevant subdirectory of the website. In cases where the user performs a domain name search, this feature will display 10 additional website links.


This is an encoding feature specific to mobile sites. AMP pages are rated to load faster than other regular websites. Also, easier to browse on mobile devices.

In addition, AMP also supports websites with the opportunity to own special SERP features, such as appearing in the “Visual story” section. However, AMP in this period is not as popular as before.

Common Google SERP Types

Currently, there are several types of Google SERPs that users most often encounter are:

web search SERP

When users search for information through the website, using tools such as Yahoo, Bing, Google,… will return different results. Then these are the links to the original website with results related to the keywords they query. Results are usually divided into two main categories: organic search results and paid search results as mentioned in the concept section.

serp giá trị

shopping search SERP

The user searches for shopping, the SERP will display the results. Is the information related to the product and attached price. Currently, Google also allows displaying the “Buy” button to attach, optimizing the user experience.

In addition, some famous e-commerce websites that have met the SERP’s conditions such as Ebay, Target, Walmart,… can be displayed. Place products at the top of user search results.

serp tin tức

SERP search map

User searches for any place on the map, SERP automatically changes the search browser to the online Google Map map. Appears places that are registered or contain keywords related to the user’s search. Sort in order of high ranking on the search results page.

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SERP search for books

For users querying book types, the SERP will now return advertising results. As shopping or display as usual. The data displayed by the SERP is taken from e-commerce sites. Or reputable newspaper links have relevant content and are related to the keywords users query.

serp tìm hàng

SERP image search

Like a website, SERP returns users search results that are images containing keywords, as well as synonyms that the user has queried. Relevance and return results will be determined based on the title tag, description tag of that image. In some cases, the SERP will use some other non-public algorithm to be able to rank these image search results.

serp ra giá trị

SERP searches for videos

You may not know, nowadays 90% of SERP search results. For users querying video search results taken from Youtube. When users search for videos. Then Google will usually return the 3 most prominent videos related to the search keyword. And appear on the same row. The high probability of this arrangement is based on Google’s own keyword analysis algorithm.

serp tìm kiếm

SERP search news

When searching for news based on keywords, the SERP will return the user results. Which includes news from reputable newspapers and websites. The SERP will rank these results. Through algorithms that have never been made public before.

What is a SERP Feature, the most common Google SERP features and types are the information discussed in the article above. Hopefully, through here you have been able to grasp useful knowledge and information about SERP. Don’t forget to visit VIO to learn more useful knowledge.

serp features là gì?