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What is CDP? Why do Digital Marketers need a CDP?

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Any marketer is interested in numbers and data because they are the basis for delivering results as well as reflecting results. The term CDP was born thus to define what is CDP? Why do Digital Marketers need a CDP? What benefits does Customer Data Platform (CDP) bring to businesses? Let’s explore with VIO Agency now!

What is CDP?

CDP is known as English Customer Data Platform, also known as customer data platform, it is a type of software that collects and statistics customer data from different sources.

A CDP typically includes functions such as customer database, marketing automation, multichannel campaign management, and real-time interaction management.

cdp là gì bạn có biết?

Based on the CDP data you can get a complete picture of the customer at the individual level. CPD collects first-party customer data from multiple system sources and at the same time associates the information with the customer who created it.

CDP generates customer profiles and you can use them with third party tools or marketing automation tools to perform your Marketing and analyze their performance.

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What is the purpose of using CDP?

Any individual or organization using CDP wants to achieve the following purposes.

To merge customer data

Customer data is one of the most important components of a marketing campaign, but it has many sources and directions. Therefore, CDP helps businesses to consolidate data coming from many different sources so that members or departments need to use them easily.

Auto segmentation and group management

Customer data and identity will be automatically segmented by the system and managed by the system in groups according to the business’s purpose.

Thanks to the AI ​​system, CDP will take information from behaviors and divide them into groups to manage them. This process saves managers time and effort.

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Multichannel management

Effectiveness of a marketing campaign when built is measured by relevance and customer experiences on the marketing channel. The CDP will ensure seamless and simplified operations, campaigns and marketing.

Suggested problem solving

CPD is equipped with information to understand behavior and problems. And suggestions come with artificial intelligence.

Marketing automation is considered an important solution capable of coordinating problem solving,  implementing marketing strategies.

Benefits of CDP

CDP is considered as one of the effective tools of the digital age in marketing because of the following benefits.

Create a new experience, personalize every activity

CDP is considered an effective personal marketing tool to help users. It is possible to build a strong connection system in a short time and with little investment in terms of costs.

Through CDP you will have a personalized, automated experience. Especially the information on the customer side.

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Improve business marketing performance

Anonymous operations are integrated with profile types. Already since then you will only need to spend less time on the reference data.

Helps users significantly reduce decision-making time. Marketing platforms are unified and give you a view of all the data.

Enhance marketing effectiveness

With CDP, the effectiveness of marketing activities of enterprises is significantly improved through:

  • Increase participation in surveys, subscriptions, and other active data sources
  • Improve customer engagement from positive data like emails, social media posts, calls. Or other advertising applications of the business.
  • Customer Retention: CPD helps organizations and individuals create deep relationships. With your own customers and this increases customer retention.


CDP is considered an effective solution for businesses with large amounts of customer data. CPD delivers outstanding growth, overcoming the limitations of manual operations. CPD is a powerful tool for modern marketers. As well as sales activities at businesses.