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What are Facebook ads? What you need to know about facebook ads

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What are Facebook ads? Continuing with the topic “Facebook”, what else do you not know? Have you ever heard the phrase “Facebook Advertising” for short, Facebook Ads? If you are not familiar with this issue, take a few minutes to watch this article, we will explain in more detail what Facebook ads are and how effective online marketing on Facebook is?


Facebook Ads concept brief

Facebook Fully written Ads will be clusters from Facebook Advertising, is the name of an advertising service on the social networking site Facebook. This is a form of paid advertising such as advertising on TV, on radio, etc., for the purpose of widely displaying promotions, promoting images of products to a large number of potential customers. use the Facebook application and other social networks associated with Facebook.

With this form of advertising, businesses can easily access the source of customers, more effective marketing strategies, and quickly recover their investment from there. high profits.

Full steps to run Facebook Ads

How to pay Facebook advertising fee

As mentioned above, what is the concept of Facebook ads? , Facebook Ads ads are paid, so of course you have to prepare yourself a Visa account to pay directly with Facebook company. You can choose one of two types of tags:

  • Visa/Master credit card: is a postpaid card which means you are allowed to use the money value first and then later. Pay later by going directly to the bank. The disadvantage of this card is that the procedure is quite complicated with many types of documents, requiring you to be diligent in providing it in full and waiting for a long time.
  • Visa/Master debit card: is a prepaid card so the card process will be easier. The downside is that the level of safety is not high.

Steps to create Facebook ads

Common ads on Facebook are running fanpage ads, suitable for < a style="color: #ff0000;" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">facebook ad image size the most standard 2020, so you need to have a personal Facebook account who is managing a Fanpage.

Step 1: Provide visa card to ad account

  • Open a new tab with address:
  • Click on [Invoice] and then select [Payment Method]< /li>
  • Click to [Add Payment Method]
  • There are 2 payment methods, in this case we add Visa should choose the item “Credit card/ debit”
  • You must fill in your tag information correctly. Regarding the postal code, you find the postal code of your province on Google and then fill it in and press Submit.

You have successfully added your Visa card and Facebook!

Step 2: Choose an ad format that suits your needs.

First, you access this link:

Then you determine what you’re looking to make your ad for?

  • Promote a specific post on your Fanpage to increase views and shares.
  • You want to increase likes for your fanpage.
  • You need to drive people to your website directly through ads.< /li>
  • For app installs: you want people to refer to and install your app through ads .
  • Advertisement for events – events: Create ads to promote your event, want more people to know and join your event.
  • Advertising offers offers to customers for the purpose of promoting information about offers and product discounts to people consumption.


Step 3: Design ad content

With a Facebook ad title that allows up to 25 characters. Think and create unique and impressive content to attract viewers.

Suggestions for creating impressive content:

  • Use special characters to write
  • The description can clearly state the product or service you need to advertise, you can add a website address or Fanpage the better.
  • Choose and post several images that guarantee standard Facebook ad image sizes

Step 4: Select the right ad object

By limiting the exact location, city, … to the gender, age, … that Facebook supports, you can choose your own large number potential customers, saving costs as well as time in Facebook advertising campaigns.

Step 5: Set up ad placement

In this step 5, there will be 2 ways for users to choose based on their needs.

  • Automatic placement settings: allow Facebook to show your ads where Facebook optimized and considered the most suitable.
  • For the “Edit placements” tab: users are free to choose platforms as well. as device will show their ad like All Devices, Mobile Only or Desktop only.

Step 6: Set budget and bid for Ads

There will also be 2 settings in this step, you should thoroughly consider all aspects such as investment capital, ad maintainability, etc. to make a major decision. confirm your choice.

  • First, ad costs are calculated per day.
  • Second, pay in the form of customers viewing ads. Specifically, pay per view (CPM) and per click (CPC).

Step 7: Preview the interface that appears on Facebook when advertising

After all the settings, you will of course get a preview of your ad to see how it will come to other viewers on smartphones , on regular computers, tablets, etc. Finally, you select the Confirm button to complete the advertising transaction with Facebook ads.

Step 8: Pay via Visa card

You must be careful to write completely and accurately your card details including card number, expiration date and security code (last 3 numbers in italics on the back of the card)

Advantages of Facebook Ads 

If you have mastered the initial concepts of what is facebook Ads?, as well as how to run ads, understanding the advantages of Facebook Ads will help you create more value for the areas that you don’t want. you are in business.

  • Quickly localize and easily reach customers in need with the advertiser’s products and services fox.
  • Surprised by the speed of viral spread on Facebook when only 1 person likes or comments on your fanpage, it will attract Get noticed by that user’s friends on your fanpage, your ad.
  • High interactivity helps you get quick feedback through user comments, shares, likes … .
  • Faster order rate. – Facebook ads are updated and upgraded with many forms of advertising such as canvas, carousel, video ads, etc. to help create more attractive ads for customers.


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