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What is Entity? Why Entity Is Important For SEO Trends 2020

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What is Entity? Right now, you are learning about Entity and Business entity right? An interesting concept, an important factor in the field of SEO that you need to master quickly! So, don’t go around doing anything, let’s dive into how Entity builds your website’s rankings in the future!


What is Entity?

What are Entities? According to Google, Entity is defined as a single thing or concept that is clearly defined and distinguishable. For example, an idea, an adjective, a concept, etc. or anything that can be uniquely identified is called an Entity. Entities need not be objects.

Entity is important for SEO? The answer would be of course! Learn about SEO optimization through Search Entity.

What is Search Entity?

Search Entity, which means search entity in Vietnamese, is considered a more accurate method for bots to understand user intent and intent while light Mapping additional verified supplies will then answer a certain search query.

The Google Knowledge Graph in Vietnamese is a knowledge map, an entity graph, and represents Google’s first step in using semantic search or entity search.

The three most important ranking factors recognized by Google are:

  • Content – ​​Vietnamese means Content
  • Links – Interpreted as Links
  • Rankbrain – called Artificial Intelligence

Specifically as follows:


From an SEO perspective, content helps connect entities together.


At their core, a link is simply a connection between entities. This is the relationship and direction between the sites. These pages are entities that contain other entities.


We know for sure that Rankbrain is not a ranking factor nor does it act as a signal but rather modifies certain signals with weight. quantity.

For example, for a query [best beach], Rankbrain interprets which signals make the most sense to produce the best results.

Basically, only Rankbrain can determine the most important metrics for a particular query that a user refers to.


What are Entities? What do we know about Entities

Entities, which in English is a plural form of Entity, means defined entities. Much of what we know about entities (probably at least, that’s what I know) comes from some patents and from what’s meant.

In addition, according to specialized researchers, Entity Building is one of the most important factors in deciding the ranking of a website on Google or search engines. sword. Specifically, entities in Onpage SEO help describe data in detail and simplify information so that Google can easily understand your website. From there, it is easy to help you build the most unique and prestigious brand in the eyes of Google.

More: What is Google rankbrain?

Entity creation process

Because Entity is very important in SEO strategy, the Entity creation process also needs to be carried out with the following steps to ensure the best effect:

Step 1: Use the most reputable social networking sites to build a certain personal brand and link those social networks together to validate the authority Trust Google that your website is a real business. These systems are collectively known in English as Social Property Linking.

Step 2: Connect Google and web 2.0 resources into a complete federation model for effective Entity validation. At the same time, support Google bot to easily recognize the brand name uniformly on the Internet.

Step 3: Quickly optimize and improve rankings by Entity standards thanks to Google Maps services

Step 4: Note Content Writing techniques including Semantic and Thematic techniques to create high quality content to attract visitors according to the right development strategy develop the brand that customers require.

Step 5: Using SEO-optimized product and service reviews is a pretty unique idea, to ensure the ability to increase brand reputation. customer’s brand in the eyes of Google and users.

Step 6: Finally, Social Guide, in the exact sense of relying on reputable review tools to validate brands geographically for the purpose of increasing trust and improve rankings much faster.

Why are Entities important for SEO?

Entity SEO is considered very important because at its core is the whole world. Another big reason is that entities can learn to use the concept from the search level; assuming without machine learning, today’s Google search engine wouldn’t be able to understand how languages ​​are interpreting pages  and how tight are Entity relationships. Furthermore, when Rankbrain on Google doesn’t have machine learning, it’s certainly impossible to learn how to prioritize signals on pages accurately and quickly in detail.

  • Ability to calculate the probability of meeting user intent with greater accuracy.
  • Understanding language and tone, whether the outcome will be negative or positive.

Finally, you should be clear about what Entities your site must have and how they are connected to maximize accuracy. performance, then Google will understand that you are capable of serving more intents than your competitors.



In short, Entities are essential for Google to provide the information you request. For SEOers, Entity is one of the techniques with the potential to bring great benefits, creating unique, novel and highly effective SEO strategies!

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